The pitfalls of buying an electric scooter online


The rise of electric scooters on the road unfortunately means that there are an increasing number of fake scooters out there. It’s easy to fall into the trap of purchasing a scooter that seems like a great deal at the time. Especially if it comes from a seller who claims to have stock in the UK who will deliver your scooter quickly.

Before buying an electric scooter, you should always do your research to make sure that what you’re buying is the right option for you, but also that the scooter is a genuine product from a reputable seller or manufacturer.

Here are a few pitfalls of buying an electric scooter online:

Fake, fake, fake

There are so many fake models and brands out there. Half of UK consumers have bought counterfeit fake goods online. And although sometimes knowingly purchasing a fake scooter can seem like a good idea, you’ll often find that they break quickly and don’t have as many features as the genuine model.

Safety should always be paramount

We know how boring this sounds but all e-scooters will have built-in safety features that have been specifically developed and researched for years before they make their way onto your scooter. Most scooters come with front and back brakes, with a ceramic brake disc and front and back lights to make sure that you’re safe wherever and whenever you’re riding your scooter.

Most fake models won’t come with the same level of safety. Meaning that you could be putting both yourself and others at risk just buy using a fake scooter. As great as getting to your destination quickly is, it’s always better to arrive in one piece, right?

Not as many technical features

If you’re into technology and love a gadget then you’re probably buying an electric scooter because you know you’ll enjoy owning one. Buying a genuine model means that the technological specifications of your scooter will be of a much higher quality. Most of our scooters come with an app, available for IOS and android devices which allow you to track your user habits, as well as monitoring the health of your scooter and on some you can even change the colour of the lights to truly customise your ride.

No warranty

Perhaps the biggest pitfall of buying an e-scooter online is the lack of warranty. All our scooters come with Manufacturer’s warranty as standard which means that if anything goes wrong with it within the warranty period, it’s simple and easy to get it repaired without any additional cost to you.

Buying a fake model could mean that you end up forking out a lot of money for repairs, or even replacement.

Sub-standard quality

The most obvious pitfall is that the quality of a fake scooter generally isn’t going to be as good as the real deal. As well as the lack of safety features, and fun tech stuff, a lot of fake scooters are constructed poorly and are made with lower quality materials – meaning they break sooner and more often. Cheap batteries can also cause serious accidents and faults which could pose a risk to both you and others around you.

At Voltso, our scooters are sourced from genuine manufacturers. All our stock is held in the UK and come with manufacturer’s warranty as standard. You can check out the full range of scooters and accessories we stock here.

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