Are Electric Scooters legal in the UK?

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Electric scooters are fast becoming a popular mode of transport in cities all over the world. You’ll see them in places like China, Singapore, San Francisco and even European cities as close as Paris and Amsterdam.

There are a huge number of benefits of using an electric scooter. They’re cheap to run, environmentally friendly and more compact than other modes of transport. But if you’re hoping to ditch the commute, I wouldn’t hang up the car keys or cancel your season ticket just yet.

At the moment (July 2019) in the UK it’s illegal to ride an electric scooter on pavements, cycle lanes and on public roads.

Electric Scooters are classed as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs) due to their power and speed, which means that riders would have to have number plates, licences, helmets and insurance to ride one.

The law that bans them from the streets is technically 183 years old, so we think that it’s definitely time for a change.

In addition to this, the UK Government recently committed to reducing emissions to zero by 2050.

As a nation we are being encouraged more and more to think about the negative effects our actions have on the environment. By adopting more electric vehicles and introducing them onto our roads we’d be taking a positive step in the right direction – and really helping to hit that zero emissions target.

As of March 2019, the Department for Transport have stated that they are making plans to review the law regarding Electric Scooters, which means that they could be road legal in the not-so distant future. We’re actively campaigning for this change too!

“E-scooters, e-bikes, e-mopeds, e-skateboards – we’re seeing these all over the streets already and we’re thinking about those modes of transport,” Transport Minister Jesse Norman told the Observer.

“We’re going to look quite closely at what the wider environment is for a lot of these different vehicles. How these things might be either permitted or licenced or regulated to go on to the road, or other forms of land.”

So where can I ride my electric scooter?

You can ride an electric scooter on private land with the permission of the landowner.

Despite the limitations of where you can ride an electric scooter (for now!), they can still make a great addition to a day out or a trip away. They can be easily folded into the boot of car and ridden in places you simply can’t get to with a larger vehicle.

They’ll get you further, faster too. Which means you’ll see, and experience even more than you would do by foot.

At Voltso, we have a great range of versatile electric scooters that can be ridden on a range of different terrains without having to purchase additional accessories or tyres. Check out the range here!

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