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The Scooters

Will I have to assemble the scooter when it arrives?

Does it come with a charger?

What do I get in the box with my scooter?

How long do they take to charge?

Should I use my scooter in the rain?

Do you sell accessories or spare parts like tyres, chargers or puncture kits?

Any Tips or Tricks you recommend upon initial unboxing?

Help & Support

What do I do if I have a problem with my scooter?

Do you repair the scooters?

Ordering and Delivery

What payment methods will you accept?

How long does delivery take?

Where do you deliver to?

What warranty do I get with my scooter?

What is you returns policy?

Will my scooter be charged when it arrives?


Can I ride my scooter on the road in the UK?

Do I need insurance for my scooter?